The Good and the True ( Off-Broadway’s DR2 Theatre)

Design by Daniel Hrbek

Emma (The Old Globe)

Scenic Design by Tobin Ost
Asst. Sean Fanning

Our Town (Green - Wood Cemetery)

Set Design by Daniel Geggatt

Act One (Vivian Beaumont Theatre) 

Design by Beowulf Boritt

Macbeth (Pioneer Theatre Company)

Set Design by Gary English

Edward II (National Theatre, England) 

Designed by Lizzie Clachan 


King Lear. Walt Spangler.

(via design-production)

The Drowned Man (Temple Studios, London)

Designed by Felix Barrett, Beatrice Minns, Livi Vaughn 

Cabaret (Cygnet Theatre in Old Town) 

Designed by Sean Fanning