Designing props for Mika's room.  

  • Mika is consciously concerned with the visual feel of her room, so she buys matching wood furniture.  The look uses lots of soft corners and panels carved to depict Vanglorian folk tales.
  • Most hard surfaces are softened with some kind of fabric covering.  Fabric edges are further softened with curling brocade or fringes.
  • Furniture is low to the ground to create an airier atmosphere that focuses on draping fabrics.

I used Ikea to help me figure out how big objects should be. Haha. It’s a California King, by the way.  Orthographic views are easy when you make a grid.

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(via design-production)

Othello (Milwaukee Repertory Theatre) 

Designed by Todd Edward Ivins 

Assassins (Milwaukee Repertory Theatre)

Designed by Todd Edward Ivins 

The Spitfire Grill (Brigham Young University-Idaho)

Designed by Gary Benson 

Bonnie & Clyde (La Jolla and Broadway) 

Design by Tobin Ost 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Theatre Royal Drury Lane)

Designed by Mark Thompson 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (The National Theatre, England)

Designed by Bunny Christie and Finn Ross


Set design for the Michigan Premiere of Next to Normal by Jeremy Barnett

(via doctorpus)

The Crucible (Boston College) 

Designed by Crystal Tiala