The Drowned Man (Temple Studios, London)

Designed by Felix Barrett, Beatrice Minns, Livi Vaughn 

Remember remember…

Since today is the 12th anniversary of September 11th, I wanted to dedicate a post to 9/11 plays. One that comes to mind is Decade. I saw Decade close to the 10th anniversary of the attacks while I was studying abroad in London. Twenty new plays were written to commemorate the decade after the terrorist attacks and are presented by characters from all different perspectives. This is a long one, guys! 


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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Theatre Royal Drury Lane)

Designed by Mark Thompson 

Sweeney Todd 

Designed by Anthony Ward 

Imagine all the water to clean up! :O

Singing in the Rain

2012 London

The Winter’s Tale

Designed by Jon Bausor

Matilda the Musical

Designed by Rob Howell

A London Prop House

The Kitchen

Designed by Giles Cadle

Yes, the kitchen stoves are fully operational…


Designed by Miriam Buether

I recently saw this show in London and it was an amazing experience! First, the theatre space was in an office building. The set was designed to look like the Windows on the World restaurant on the top of the Trade Tower. It was so eerie when I first entered. The action took place around, above and in the audience….I highly recommend this show!!