The Good and the True ( Off-Broadway’s DR2 Theatre)

Design by Daniel Hrbek



Digital sets are ones in which the design of the space is meant to support  additional digital effects including (but not limited to):

Live cameras, Projections, Monitors, Video Mapping, Holographic Imagery, Robotics, Sensors, Altered Control and Response Systems

Digital sets can  take us to new fields of view, depths and perspectives that other design styles cannot.  Often digital effects are used to give the feeling of a “live” environment, give the actor a stronger sense of control of their space or can even be used to create digital actors entirely.  Both The Ring Cycle used and The Magic Flute utilized digital actors voiced or sung just offstage, while a computer interpreted and mimicked their actions onstage thru projections.  Digital sets can then combined with box, unit, atmospheric (projection on fog is amazing), installation, site-specifc and collaged sets.

"The Ring Cycle" - Carl Fillion

"The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Nighttime" -  Bunny Christie

"The Magic Flute" - Esther Bialas

"Sunday in The Park With George" -  David Farley

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Emma (The Old Globe)

Scenic Design by Tobin Ost
Asst. Sean Fanning


The bottom photo reminds me of Romeo + Juliet.


Romeo and Juliet. Tom Scutt.

Royal Shakespeare Company, Courtyard Theatre.

Heathers: The Musical  (Off-Broadway) 

Designed by Timothy R. Mackabee

Can you do a post with heathers off broadway set?

Of Course! 


"The Danish Widow" Written & Directed by John Patrick Shanley

Scenic Design: Narelle Sissons

Media Design: Bryce Cutler

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The Olivier Theatre.

Designing for this theatre would be unbelievable. With the combination of its “drum revolve” and the unique fly system made up of individual point hoists, the design possibilities seem endless. If only…

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The Grand Budapest Hotel was actually an old abandoned shopping mall.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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Les Miserables in Dallas, Texas- “Director Liesl Tommy brings a new, modern-dress, immersive production of the hit international musical Les Misérables to the Dallas Theater Center beginning June 27. A host of Broadway actors, including Nehal Joshi as Jean Valjean and Justin Keyes as Marius, are part of the multi-racial contemporary staging…”(cont’d BUY TICKETS and read more here!

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